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Shayna  Cartoon.jpg

Shayna is co-founder of "The Geek and The Scribe" podcast, a long-time content creator and influencer. When not co-hosting The Geek Down, she's shutting down arguments with random facts, curating Manga, and enjoying an unhealthy dose of BTS. A scholar in Social Anthropology, Cultural History, and Mythology -- she's now an authority on tv and film.

Cecilia by Arofrahman.jpg

Cecilia is a professional mermaid and adult toy merchant.

Pat Cartoon (purple).jpg

Pat’s melodious voice comes from a background in voice acting and music. A jack-of-all-trades from film to forensics and all parts in between, he’s never met a useless fact or a dad joke he didn't like.

Manda 1.jpg

Manda is a gamer, anime fan, and co-founder of the Electric Sistahood podcast.

Casey headshot.jpg

Casey is a real-estate mogul, podcast and streaming specialist, amateur comedian, and currently working on fulfilling the rest of her 9 lives with random AF exploits.

Bones anim headshot.png

Throb Zombie is the drag king with the iron stomach and a glutton for gastrointestinal punishment.

Lilith 1 Cartoon.jpg

Lilith has been chewing up hearts and scenery since 2012 as a producer, drag artist, burlesque and stage performer, professional face maker and teeth gnasher, geek-of-all-trades, and a generally righteous dude.

John headshot.jpg

John prides himself on having a milkshake that brings all the boys to the yard. Currently taking applications to teach said skills next season...

Izebel by Ilhamdsign.jpg

Izébel is an Instigator of Awesome! A Boston-based performance artist, model, maker, fetish freak, and activist.

Lucas anim headshot.png

Lucas is a donner of many hats: Writer, Performance artist, Sex educator... His blog, The Intellectual Homosexual ( has been named one of the internets Top 100 Sex Blogs

Rocco Cartoon.jpg

Rocco is a dangerous man with a controller in one hand and a poison pen in the other. His hard-hitting style of games journalism is one of the reasons every other Nintendo system gets multiple version updates.

Ari by Arofrahman.jpg

Ari is a circus performer and purveyor of pleasurable wares

Ken headshot.jpg

Ken's a gamer from way back and carries a widespread breadth of varied experience. He's old school personified and wears it on his sleeve.

Jere Cartoon.jpg

Jere's been called "The Texas Rattlesnake" by many. He's neither from Texas, nor does he like snakes. He's the face with incomparable kayfabe and a consummate wrestling fanatic. He's one-half of The Wrestledown's high-flying tag-team

Dennis headshot.jpg

Dennis, known to fans as The Mouth from the South (of Boston), comprises the other half of The Wrestledown's tag team. Specializing in low-blows and illegal submissions, he's the heel to heed for the quick and dirty facts.

Josh headshot.jpg

Josh is many things -- gadgeteer, mechanic, engineer, partially-mad scientist, blacksmith, grill master, military strongman, captain of industry... He's Amalgamated Villainy's resident quartermaster.

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