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Game Review A Duel Hand Disaster: Trackher

Review by Gregory Rodney

Tackher seems to be a love project from a developer hungry to make something special. Ask An Enemy Studios seems to contain only one employee that I can find, Jaycee Salinas.

He tells a compelling story that I must commend him for. He just wants to make games and he’s created one for everyone to enjoy. And I can say that I’ve never played anything like it ever before.

A Duel Hand Disaster: Trackher, the title couldn’t be truer to your gameplay experience. You have two separate screens and each have their own thumb stick.

You move horizontally on the left screen and shoot ships that fly down towards you. Every ship you destroy spawns parts on the right side of the screen.

The ships you let through show up on the right side of the screen as watchers. Upgrades do things like increased shot speed, and a short cool down speed boost.

On the right side you control a ship and collect parts and materials to gain abilities.

Each piece of material you get on the right shows up on the left as upgrades. Watchers will stalk you and steal your parts and material if you gather in front of them. You can kill watchers by guiding them into fire pits or smashing into them with boost with shielded.

Watch the timer at the top on the right if you plan on getting the highest score possible. At four minutes a ring of fire starts to converge towards the middle. You can reset the ring if you activate one of your abilities in the safe zone, which is in the center of the stage.

The two-screen design really does challenge your focus. It makes you feel like your playing two games at once. There’s a great balance in the game. Not receiving damage on the left, but the ships that get by becoming watchers is perfect.

It’s a good distraction for an hour or two but I couldn’t really stay hooked. I’d recommend it if your looking for something cheap and fun.

Final Thoughts: 👎 (but maybe…)


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