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Game Review: Treasure Stack

Treasure Stack

Review by Gregory Rodney

Treasure Stack is what I wish could’ve been my first introduction to falling block puzzle games.

When I was finished playing, I was oddly surprised by how much fun I had. PIXELAKES LLC (Developer) took, for example, Tetris and added their own twist to it. Their focus was to create something faced paced, as well as a party game. And by what I played they’ve definitely reached those goals.

Treasure chests and keys fall slowly and start to fill the screen. Your job is to match the same color keys with the same color chests. You can also stack chests and keys both horizontally and vertically for bonuses. Sounds pretty similar to your average falling block puzzle game, correct?

These mechanics make multiplayer this game’s best feature. Seeing someone stack and rearrange 10 chests in a short few seconds is impressive. Then there’s seeing someone grapple every chest down, ultimately filling their screen faster and losing right away. This game fits the phrase, “easy to learn, difficult to master”.

Those who are masters at thinking ahead will dominate over those who panic.

This is a great buy to play with friends or family. It would also be a great introduction to kids who haven’t played a puzzle game before. The fast pace and competitive nature are sure to draw anyone in.

With plenty of customization, solo and multiplayer modes, and fun gameplay, this game is worth a buy.

Treasure Stack is 19.99 on all platforms

Final Rating: 👍


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