Movie Review: THIS IS THE END


“Vanity at its funniest”

If you hate Michael Cera, this is the movie for you! If you're indifferent to Mr.Cera's hijinks, this film will still have you rolling on the floor. A team of Hollywood faces bring a surprisingly funny... okay, freaking hilarious end-of-world bromance.

Normally I hate Vanity projects, but "This Is The End" is funny enough (and self-aware enough) to earn a pass. It's a movie about Jay Baruchel and Seth Rogen playing THEMSELVES as they interact with other famous people through the apocalypse. There's no real substance, just two actors breaking down and rediscovering their friendship while everything else around them literally goes to hell.

The movie KNOWS what it is, however, and doesn't pretend to be anything else. If anything, it lampoons the premise with all the actors playing exaggerated caricatures of their personalities. And it WORKS! At times during this picture I laughed till it hurt. I'd recommend anyone see it if they're just looking for a dumb comedy.

Or if they're really disenfranchised with Hollywood and want to see celebrities die horribly/ironically/with gusto, this is definitely the movie for you!